From our first meeting, I knew there was no need to talk to anyone else. Jeff literally exudes integrity. His taste and eye for quality are exceptional. He has the respect of his subcontractors and shows them respect as well, so he has the best. Jeff is also consistent. I know three or four other people who had Jeff build their homes and their experience was just like mine. He’s also a lot of fun to work with.


There is no better eye for quality than Jeff’s, and he demands the same from his
sub-contractors. They really compliment the architect. Jeff further distinguishes himself
by making the experience fun and exciting for everyone. It’s a rewarding collaboration working with Jeff. And this results in a happy experience for the client and a result we can all be proud of.


He really minimizes the stress. Because time after time, over the course of the work, he delivers on what he says. Things are done on time, and on budget or even under budget. Jeff’s subs are very good and dependable because of his exceptional on site supervision. His rapport with our architect was really impressive to see. He’s just so experienced and low key that nothing seems to faze him. And that really builds your confidence.


Jeff is a very caring individual. That’s reflected in his attention to every detail, but it’s also evident in his enthusiasm to listen. We had such a good time trading and exploring ideas for our home. We purposely chose Jeff because we had no prior personal relationship with him. To keep it objective. Now, if we were to build again, it would be with Jeff because he does take the homes he builds so personally.


It’s a complete joy working with Jeff. His group’s execution is excellent. He’s really a visionary, with great ideas and the rare combination of creative talent and practical solutions. He and his organization are up to any challenge. He makes the difficult look easy, and does so in a quiet, reassuring way. Nobody does it better.

Interior Designer

We couldn’t have had a better experience. Jeff was very involved. His attention to detail and follow up was meticulous. He makes it look easy, and you know that building a home is anything but easy. His quality standards are very high. Yet he continually suggested ways to do something less expensively without sacrificing quality or style. And, with Jeff there are no surprises. He really did a great job of keeping us informed on timing matters and costs.


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